10 lessons I got from the Beauty and the Beast movie

Here are 10 lessons I got from the Beauty and the Beast movie:

1. True beauty is what’s inside. It does not simply fade. It shines through, attracts and affects.

2. Can one be happy if he/she is not free? True love is when you give your beloved the right kind of freedom for him/her to be happy.

3. Despite differences, what’s important for a man and a woman to start a good friendship is to share a common interest so that they can enjoy each other’s company.

4. Sometimes you love the other person and he/she doesn’t love you back. You can’t do anything but to let him/her be.

5. Sometimes tragic events are necessary for you to reach a moment of confrontation. In this case, the unexpected profession of your love for the other.

6. People may laugh at you and see you as odd but if you know in your heart and mind (conscience) that what you’re doing is right, then fight for it.

7. We all have to go back to our roots. These give us answers that our hearts have been longing for. Things will make sense on hindsight.

8. Knowledge is power. Keep learning in life. Just make sure that the product of your learning will help humanity, not destroy it.

9. It doesn’t hurt to dream beyond the ordinary. The sense of idealism we all have is just a manifestation of the child within us, unafraid to venture into something unknown.

10. Love for family will always stand out. Family is always family. We do sacrifices for them because we love them so much, even to the point of risking our lives for them.

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