4,800% Rise in HIV in the Philippines

There is a post going viral on social media about a 4,800% increase in HIV cases in the Philippines as opposed to a 32% drop in HIV cases in the rest of the world. The post has not been authenticated, but just like all viral news, people share without researching the facts (just like seeing how The Rock has supposedly passed away).

We have to see this in the context of HIV in the Philippines. In the 1980s, Thailand pushed a condom distribution program in response to their HIV cases. It didn’t work. HIV cases skyrocketed there as people engaged in more sex, thinking the condom would make them safe.

The Philippines, on the other hand, did not push condoms and other contraceptives, and so our HIV rate remained low.

Now, we see the government has been pushing contraceptives and condoms via the RH Law. We see condoms being given away in schools and Barangay health centers. And so, what has happened? Our HIV cases are increasing.

Condoms do not stop the spread of HIV. Condoms promote promiscuity and casual sex. And that spreads HIV. Added to that is the constant bombarding of young people that teenage sex is acceptable. That homosexual sex is ok. That multiple partners is encouraged and normal. Of course the HIV rate will increase.

You are telling young people to have sex and use a condom – HIV will definitely skyrocket here as well.

So what is the answer? Being faithful. Practice chastity. The standards that are ingrained in our being Filipino and seen in values passed on from generation to generation. We showed the world that we can combat HIV by sticking to what makes us Filipino.

Now, we see that following the Western World and their teachings is making us sick. HIV is increasing! And condoms and casual sex is not the answer. The answer is going back to our values and morals as a people.

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