A Pro-life Conference for the Filipino Youth

A pro-life movement is organizing a conference for young people to encourage them to stand up and embrace a life of chastity in the midst of challenges to live otherwise.  

The Live Pure Movement, a youth movement that promotes and defends the culture of life, will hold its second annual conference dubbed “Homecoming:  Live Pure Conference 2013” at the Philippine Sports Arena (formerly ULTRA) on August 18 from 8am to 5pm. 


Joseph Tesoro, who is the head of Live Pure, said that the event aims to teach the young to appreciate the gifts of chastity, love, sexuality, relationships, and their manhood and womanhood.  The event is expected to be full of clean fun activities with booths and entertainment segments ideal for the young generation.

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Source:  http://cbcpforlife.com/?p=11019


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