Archbishop to Catholics: PROCLAIM THE TRUTH!

Archbishop Socrates Villegas of Lingayen-Dagupan recently came out with a statement regarding the anti-life Reproductive Health Bill being debated on in the Philippine House of Representatives.

Archbishop Villegas reminded that “… at the end of the heated debates, we will all be winners if we proclaim the truths we believe in with utmost charity, courtesy and respect for one another.” Debates have been raging on television, radio and different forms of social media.

He stressed that the truth is clear for all Catholics. That “… the issue of contraception belongs to the realm of faith not opinions. Blessed John Paul II repeatedly taught us during his papacy that contraception can never be justified.” He further warned that “… people in authority who mislead others on the matter of contraception put themselves in open conflict with the law of God and lead others to sin.”

He teaches that the “greater cause of underdevelopment is corruption of the soul and corruption of society … [and that] contraception adds to the moral corruption of our society and family.”

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