ARGENTINA: Bishops call for civil code changes to protect the family

Here is another illustration of what will happen next after the passage into law of a reproductive health bill.  May our Philippine legislators see beyond the dollar sign and really reflect on the signs of the times, as in the case of Argentina.  


The Bishops’ Conference of Argentina has called on congress to modify a proposed revision of the country’s civil code to prevent harm to the family and protect the life of the unborn.

The new civil code being debated in the Argentinean Congress would allow abortion, euthanasia and fast-track divorce. Under the new code, unborn babies before a certain stage would not be considered persons, the freezing of embryos for commercial purposes or scientific research would be allowed, and surrogate motherhood would be legitimized, the bishops said.

The emotional bonds of marriage would also be weakened and devalued, they argued.

Every legislative reform has an impact on the culture and daily life of a nation, the bishops noted, warning that the proposed new code embraces a model of the family that is individualistic.

Archbishop Jose Maria Arancedo, president of the Bishops’ Conference of Argentina, is slated to participate in an upcoming joint congressional committee debate on the civil code.

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