Beauty and the Beast: Is it too gay?

Just like many parents, we were also shocked when the news got out that there was a gay moment in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Many were aghast, and people started a boycott. We also decided not to let our kids watch the movie, at least until we got more information about it.

So now, the movie is showing, and we asked one of our friends to give us her input on this gay moment, and if the movie is suitable for kids. Here’s what she said:

Well sa totoo lang, “subtle” ang pagka-gay ni Lefou towards Gaston kasi para siyang character na may lihim na pagtingin sa isang lalaki. Na usual ko nang nakikita sa mga shows ngayon. Bawat show/movie kasi ngayon ay parating may supporting role na gay.

1st time lang na sa Disney film mo nakita. Cute and adorable si Lefou but in the end, while he didn’t get what he liked (Gaston), he persisted in his gayness kasi apparently may isa ring gay sa 3 musketeers at siya ang partner ni Lefou sa last dance sa dulo ng film.

Aside from this LGBT theme, maganda ang film kasi nagka-personality si Beast plus nandun ang values ng loving your father, loving who you are kahit ano pa sabihin ng iba, seeing beyond, fearlessness, compassion and the value of going back to one’s roots. These things made the movie full of substance.

So I guess magprocessing kayo after if you decide to let them watch. ☺

She is right. There are so much gay moments on TV and movies now. Almost all shows on TV have a gay character. The afternoon shows have lead hosts who are gay. It is a shame to boycott this movie, while allowing them to watch these TV shows without parental guidance. Shows like Showtime, Ang Probinsyano, Your Face Sounds Familiar, even Eat Bulaga’s AlDub. All these have gay characters, cross-dressing lolas and the like.

This brouhaha over Beauty and the Beast is a reminder for us to constantly guide our children in EVERYTHING they watch on TV. Not just use the television and iPads and other gadgets to babysit them while brainwashing them with Western and liberal values.

Take back your children from technology and media! Guide them. TALK TO THEM. Do not just sit around the dinner table watching your favorite show while your kids are on their phones and gadgets. Nothing beats a real relationship as a family.

So, if you decide to watch Beauty and the Beast, make sure you have time to discuss what your kids saw in the movie, and reinforce the good things and correct the bad. Don’t just watch and leave it at that. And do the same with everything they see on TV. Be a parent!

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