Beki Congress Promotes Confusion


There was a recent conference which promoted the homosexual lifestyle and tried to influence children to accept this gay lifestyle.

GMA News stated that it was “dubbed as Keri Beks, the event was organized by broadcaster Korina Sanchez-Roxas, who also founded United LGBT Philippines. … Her husband, Interior Secretary Mar Roxas, was also at the event to show his support.”

It is prevalent in Philippine media that we see shows and campaign to promote homosexuality and a progressive brainwashing of young people to accept it. But should we?

From Life Site: “The Church teaches that homosexual sex acts are gravely depraved. Regarding both homosexual “marriage” and even civil unions, it clearly states that “under no circumstances can they be approved.” This is the “love the sinner, hate the sin” approach. The Church forbids any type of hatred or aggression towards persons with same-sex attraction and has been the leader in tending to those suffering from AIDS and other effects of harmful same-sex sexual behavior. The Church teaches that the homosexual inclination itself is not a sin, but nonetheless is objectively disordered because it is oriented towards sinful behavior. The teaching stresses that all unjust discrimination against men and women with same-sex attraction should be avoided, but acknowledges there is just discrimination in that regard. For example, it forbids men with deep-seated homosexual inclination from becoming priests.”

We must speak up against these moves to promote the homosexual lifestyle, and reach out to them and provide counsel.

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