Bill Gates to Spend $1 Million to Build a Better Condom

Of all the million and one challenges that this tiny planet of ours have to deal with, the richest among us have decided to help  improve the lives of the poorest by offering a research grant of $100,000 for the “next-generation condom”.   With all the privileged access of the Gates Foundation to the best resources, it is very disappointing, and insulting even, that their intelligent proposal to address poverty and improve lives is in the invention of a better contraceptive.  A well-formed conscience would never have considered such an irresponsible approach.


Fox News Report:

Philanthropist and Microsoft founder Bill Gates is offering start-up funds of $100,000 to anyone who can come up with the “next-generation condom,” according to Grand Challenges in Global Health, which is a series of grants  in which the the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation lays out its aims for a project and offers funds for any group that can best meet the criteria.

The Round 11 of Grand Challenges Explorations initiative through the Gates Foundation is aimed at improving the lives of the world’s poorest people – and a new, innovative condom could do just that.  The condom must be effective at lowering the chance of transmitting sexually transmitted diseases, and offer incentive for men and women to use it.  If chosen, the Foundation would continue to fund the condom up to $1 million. 

According to the press release, the new condom will “preserve or enhance the pleasure so as to increase uptake and also promote its regular use.”

Click this link to read more about this $100,000 opportunity from “Grand Challenges in Global Health”:





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