Birth Control Pills Reviewed in the US, Still Available in the Philippines

The US Food and Drug Administration is conducting a safety review of birth control products containing drospirenone.

Studies have shown that pills containing the synthetic female sex hormone or progestin may pose serious risks to women who take them. The drug-manufacturer, Bayer, faces lawsuits from women who experienced side-effects such as stroke, cardiac arrest, blood clots and gallbladder problems.

Bayer marketed the oral contraceptive pill as a way to prevent pregnancy, treat PMS symptoms and get rid of acne.

The FDA noted that “[a]ll birth control pills pose a risk of blood clots”. Birth control pills containing drospirenone, such as Angeliq, Yasmin and Yaz, are available in the Philippines – and their side effects are not made known. The controversial Reproductive Health bill also seeks to classify such pills as “essential medicines”.

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