Canada: 491 Babies Left to Die after Surviving Failed Abortions

A double murder.  That is what it is when a baby is left to die after surviving a failed abortion.  This criminal behavior has got to end.  Society has got to stop tolerating such behavior.  No baby should die this way.  

Figures from Statistics Canada, a federal government agency, show 491 babies were born alive following a failed abortion procedure during the period from 2000-2009 and left to die afterwards.  This means that the aborted child died AFTER it was born.  

And these numbers are only the ones that are recorded by Statistics Canada.  The numbers have pro-life advocates up in arms.  

The question that should immediately present itself is, why has there not been 491 homicide investigations or prosecutions in connection with these deaths?  Why no outcry? 

The lack of prosecution demonstrates two things: first, that political correctness surrounding the abortion issue trumps common sense, common decency and the rule of law; and second, that those who advocate for this type of behavior are truly pro-abortion and not pro-choice.  What does this mean?  The only defense that could possibly justify such a procedure would be to save the life of the mother. But note well that in order to save the life of the mother a physician would only need to end the pregnancy – and that can happen, at this late stage of pregnancy, with either a live, albeit premature, baby or a dead baby. If the terminated pregnancy results in a human being dying after birth, it is because that death was the end goal; saving the life of the baby’s mother was only a pretext.



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