Canada at Center of Gender Confusion

Canada is turning out to be the most liberal and anti-life country in the world with their Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pushing out of this world policies attacking the family and desecrating life.

Headlines from different news clips:

Pro-Life Groups Are ‘Not In Line’ With Canadian Government Or Society.

Trudeau: Believe what you want, but ‘we draw the line’ if you try to restrict abortion.

Justin Trudeau bars funding for pro-life projects in new youth volunteer program.

Pro-life Canadians concerned by Trudeau’s abortion ideology litmus test.

He has become so liberal and confused that he is even attacking the use of “mankind” as offensive to women. In his race to become loved by the left, he is showing himself as confused and lost in his leadership of the country.

Justin Trudeau tells woman to say ‘peoplekind’ not ‘mankind’.

Even in government forms within Canada, there is confusion. As taken by a Canadian and sent to us here at FALU:

What is going on, Canada? Two spirit? Gender fluid? Unspecified man? Non-binary? Canada is on a slippery slope when they allow people to give in to whatever they feel without any moral guidance. One day they can feel like an unassigned woman, then the next day a gender fluid little girl? And that can be by a 54 year old pedophile who will be preying on innocent children.

Get your act together, Canada. There are two options there that need to stay instead of all the others.

Man and woman (*cis): as gender assigned at birth. And who assigned that gender? The One who made you. The One who knows you. The One who sees your confusion, and is nudging you not to fall into the trap of liberalism. He wants you to know that the gender He assigned you is the one you need to embrace. Do not be confused by what media and other influencers are telling you. They are the ones who are confused.

You will always be confused, depressed and lonely when you do not embrace who you really and truly are – the Man or Woman whom God has made you to be from the moment you were conceived.

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