Celebrating All Souls’ Day as a Family

All Souls’ Day is an occasion to remember our deceased loved ones through prayers. Often, it is also an occasion for relatives to get together, and this tradition is passed on to the children not only to teach the value of prayer and respect for the dead, but also to foster closer family relations. 


Here are some ideas to make your family’s commemoration of All Souls’ Day more meaningful:

1. Offer up prayers and masses. 
This is the most important thing you can do as a family.  Share with your children that offering of masses and prayers are especially beneficial for the souls in purgatory so as to ease whatever suffering and pain they are in.  Make it extra meaningful by preparing your kids beforehand, like explaining the rites to them and showing them who it is you are offering the Mass for.

2. Offer flowers and light candles at the cemetery.
This is another common practice among Filipino families. This year though, try to get the kids more involved by having them help prepare flower wreaths or garlands, and choosing the candles that you will be lighting. 

3. Revisit photos and videos of your deceased loved ones.
One of the best tributes you could offer your deceased loved ones is to keep them alive in your family’s memory.  This would be a wonderful time to speak of them to your kids with fondness and love.  Show your children photos of loved ones who have passed away and share happy memories that you have had with each.  

4.  Have a simple celebration to commemorate LIFE. 
If our deceased loved ones could speak to us from their graves, they would probably have a common message for us: “Celebrate life and make the most of the life that we have been given.”  On All Souls’ Day, take time not only to pray for those who have died, but also to thank God for the lives we are living this very moment.  Teaching our kids to be grateful for their blessings in life is important.

However you choose to celebrate All Souls’ Day, remember to focus on the fact that life on this earth is only temporary, and what is important is how we cultivate love, faith and hope – because when we do this in our own families, we end up making the world a better, brighter place for all.



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