CHINA: Over 35,000 abortions each day


CHINA (East Asia)

Population: 1.34 Billion

1 Billion Chinese are above 18 years old

Fertility Rate:  5.5 children/woman (1970s) vs. 1.6 children/woman (2010)

Life Expectancy:  63 years (1970s) vs. 73 years (2010)

Infant mortality:  16 deaths / 1000 live births

Male/Female Ratio:  1.06 male  / female

Major Religions:  Taoism and Buddhism

– The first country to launch the ‘one child per couple’ policy.

– By 2020, there will be 30 million more men than women in this country.

– Abortion has been legal since 1953.  Over 35,000 forced and coerced abortions a day

– One in every five marriages now ends in divorce.

– It has the highest rate of contraceptive use in the world with 85% prevalence among women.  Sterilization and IUD are the preferred forms of contraception.

-Fudan University in Shanghai offered China’s first undergraduate gay studies course in 2003.

– First gay pride event inShanghaiin June 2009

– Nearly 500 million people lack access to safe drinking water

– 1 million people die from cigarette smoking each year.



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