Church Won’t Budge on Marriage Stance


The Catholic Church is turning out to be the last bastion of truth in the world. Speaking up on issues regarding family and life; and continuously defending the sacredness of marriage and the importance of the family.

It comes as no surprise that there are attacks from all sides trying to change the Church’s solid teachings on faith, family and life. The Catholic Church needs to stay strong, and needs fighters to help her. We are those fighters. And we need to step up and defend our beliefs.

From Rappler: “Pope Francis reminded bishops that the Catholic Church’s stance on the indissolubility of marriage was not up for discussion at a bishop’s synod (gathering) taking place in the Vatican. The pontiff, speaking behind closed doors, raised the point after concerns among conservatives that liberals in the church were pushing for a change in Church doctrine on divorce and remarriage. Bishops from all over the world are in Rome for a synod on the family where they are expected to tackle issues such as violence against women, the Church’s approach to homosexuals, and polygamy.”

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