Coming Soon: “Shamed”

It is our prayer that the production team behind “Shamed” finds the support it needs to bring this powerful documentary project to completion.  This film has a huge potential to reach out and help to the millions of people struggling with pornography.  

From a statistical standpoint, odds are that you have looked at porn, and that either you or someone you know is seriously hooked on it. Yet, despite the fact that porn and porn addiction is practically ubiquitous, even amongst dedicated Christians, can you think of the last time you had an open, frank conversation about porn?

Chances are you can’t.

According to the creators of a new documentary called Shamed, this deafening silence is precisely the environment in which porn addiction flourishes – leaving those struggling with sexual sin isolated and trapped in a self-destructive cycle of shame and deception.

“It’s imperative that we shift our culture’s current attitude of not speaking openly about pornography and sexuality for the sake of our children, emerging adults, and young adults with sexual secrets, confusion, or addictions,” reads a message from the creators of Shamed.

“Removing the mass amounts of shame does not mean we condone acting out sexually,” according to a synopsis of the project on the website for Shamed. “What it does, is allows for a safe place for those entrapped by pornography to come forward and begin to heal.”

The creators of the film draw a distinction between guilt – which they say is a good thing, because it can drive someone to change and healing – and an unhealthy “shame” – which they say “is a constricting emotion.”  They explain that “shame tells us that we are not worthy of love or support; that we have to conceal the worst parts of ourselves in order to be accepted and loved.”

Unfortunately, due to lack of funds, the Shame project has come to a temporary standstill. As part of an effort to raise publicity and funds to complete the pr0ject, the production team released an eight-minute segment from the film.  Check this website for the video links:



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