Duterte Pushes Population Control, Condemns Condom Use

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte once again pushed population control. In a speech to repatriated workers from Kuwait, he urged them – and all Filipinos – to stop having babies as the population is booming.

Yes, it is booming, but it is not a problem. Population is power. As we see in China and India. The government’s role is to fortify education and opportunities for entrepreneurial activities. Not just throw contraceptives and pills at the population.

Contraceptives and pills can lead to various health risks, and a rise in sexually transmitted diseases, as we have seen in many countries around the world.

People are not animals. And they can use their self-control. And we must teach them about self-respect, the value of commitment, and of chastity. That will have a more productive population, and a healthier one at that.

Look at Uganda:

The population adhered massively to the campaign and adopted a more mature family lifestyle. Fewer divorces, fewer abandoned children, fewer early pregnancies, more stable families, with higher levels of satisfaction and better education conditions for young people.

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