Episcopalians into Catholic Church

First the Anglicans. Now the Episcopalians (Anglicans in the USA). Let all the traditional Protestant Christians move away from their liberal and progressive Protestant denominations and join the true Church of Jesus Christ, the holy Roman Catholic Church. But then let us be fair. They give us their traditional Christians, then let us give them our liberal Catholics, especially the dissident priests and bishops.

Cardinal Wuerl receives Episcopal parish into Catholic Church

October 10, 2011


At a Mass celebrated in the Crypt Church of the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, Cardinal Donald Wuerl of Washington received the rector and members of St. Luke’s Community in Bladensburg, Maryland, into the Catholic Church.

“St. Luke’s is the first former Episcopal parish in the United States to take this step, and the community intends to become part of an ordinariate when one is established by the Vatican in the United States,” a spokesman for the Archdiocese of Washington said in a press release. “Until that time, St. Luke’s will come under the care of the Archdiocese of Washington.”

“This is truly a historic moment,” said Cardinal Wuerl–a “joyful moment of completion.”


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