Fastest Growing HIV in the Philippines


This is not surprising as the government way to stop the spread of HIV was to pass the RH Law and provide free condoms. Expect the number of cases of HIV to rise steadily because of this. The solution to HIV is not condoms. The solution to HIV is chastity and monogamy.

But see how the West uses these figures to boost their plan to promote condoms and immorality. From Rappler: “The number of new cases recorded daily has risen from 17 in 2014 to 21 in 2015, but, despite this alarming numbers, Hall lamented that “there probably isn’t enough action right now.”

More funding also needs to go into testing, and the availability of free treatment, counseling, and condoms. The health department’s National HIV/STI Prevention Program has a 2015 budget of about P500 million ($11.21 million), 60% of which will go to the treatment of patients.

With the implementation of the reproductive health (RH) law, Hall said schools must now begin giving sex education to young people at an age before they start exploring sexually.”

We need to be vigilant and fight for a return to values and morality.

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