FRANCE: Hundreds of thousands rally against gay ‘marriage’

We are one with the Holy Father in praising the “rich Christian history” of France which “cannot be ignored or diminished.”  The Church and its allies have shown its force in numbers in last Saturday’s rally and we continue to pray that they remain vigilant and unceasing in defending traditional marriage, even as French President François Hollande continues to push ahead with legislation that would legalize “gay marriage” and allow same-sex couples to adopt in early 2013.



Hundreds of thousands of traditional marriage supporters demonstrated against same-sex “marriage” in France over the weekend.  On Saturday, a nationwide rally drew an estimated 200,000 protesters in Paris according to organizers, with tens of thousands more attending rallies throughout the country.

Saturday’s demonstrations were endorsed by leaders of the of the Catholic, Muslim, Protestant and Jewish communities, who demanded the government of President François Hollande reconsider the impact of changing “a foundation of society.”

Hollande made same-sex ‘marriage’ one of his presidential campaign promises, saying his government plans to legalize it by mid-2013. He also promised adoption rights for homosexual couples, and said that lesbian couples would have access to artificial insemination and in vitro fertilization.

The French Catholic Bishops have led the fight against the proposed legislation, with the cardinal archbishop of Paris saying same-sex “marriage” would harm the equilibrium of French society and of children. 

A second demonstration, organized by the conservative Catholic organization Civitas, took place in Paris on Sunday.

The weekend’s marchers were encouraged by the words of Pope Benedict XVI, who called on French bishops visiting him in the Vatican to oppose the proposed legislation, saying, “the Church’s voice must make itself heard relentlessly and with determination.”  



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