FRANCE: Same-sex marriage bill signed into law

Europe’s moral decline continues to reach ‘epidemic’ levels with the recent legalization of same-sex marriage in France.  Legislation is also moving through the UK Parliament.  What an unfortunate time for the cause of family and life in Europe, especially for the children. While millions do not make it out of the womb each year because of legalized abortion, those who survive abortion will grow up without knowing a stable, loving, and secure family life because their governments have also approved divorce and gay marriage.  Experience has shown that reversing this kind of social change will be  extremely hard.



French President Francois Hollande signed into law on Saturday a controversial bill authorizing marriage and adoption by same-sex couples and ending months of nationwide protests and wrenching debate.  France is now the ninth country in Europe, and 14th globally, to legalize gay marriage.

Mr Hollande and his ruling Socialist Party have made the legislation their flagship social reform since being elected a year ago. After a tortured debate, the same-sex marriage and adoption bill was adopted by France’s Senate and National Assembly last month.  The bill was quickly challenged on constitutional grounds by the main right-wing opposition UMP party of former president Nicolas Sarkozy.

But the Constitutional Council ruled on Friday that same-sex marriage “did not run contrary to any constitutional principles,” and that it did not infringe on “basic rights or liberties or national sovereignty”.  This cleared the way for Francois Hollande to sign the bill.  The first gay wedding could be held 10 days after the bill’s signing. 

The anti-gay marriage lobby, backed by the Catholic Church and conservative opposition, argues the bill will undermine an essential building block of society.  


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