‘Habemus Papam’: Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio is the new Pope of the Catholic Church


It is the Latin phrase that was heard all over the world. ‘Habemus Papam,’ which translates to ‘We have a Pope,  was announced by Cardinal Deacon Jean-Louis Tauran.  

It is Cardinal Jorge Maria Bergoglio, 76, who had been serving as the archbishop of Buenos Aires, Argentina.  He takes the name Francis, and will now be known as Pope Francis I.   He is the first Pope from Latin America, the first Jesuit Pope, and the first Pope to take the name “Francis”.  

The crowds in St. Peter’s Square near immediately began chanting “Francesco” as they await his arrival on the central balcony for his first “urbi et orbi” blessing.

Pope Francis’ first moments as the 267th Successor of St. Peter were characterized by prayer. He arrived to the central balcony of St. Peter’s at 8:22 local time, gazing upon the cheering crowds for two minutes before calling out, “Good evening!” 

During his 12 minutes on the balcony, he led the faithful in praying an Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be, as well as asking for a moment of silence, inviting the faithful to pray God’s blessing for him just before he imparted his own apostolic blessing, his first blessing to the city and the world.

Before leaving the balcony just after 8:30 local time, he told the faithful he would see them again Sunday, at the praying of the midday Angelus.

Watch this video link to witness the first appearance of  the new Pope:  


Jorge Bergoglio was born on December 17, 1936, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  He was ordained a Jesuit priest on December 13, 1969.  He was created cardinal by John Paul II in 2001.






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