“He is excommunicating himself”

Albay Representative Edcel Lagman has joined Philippine President Noynoy Aquino in daring the Philippine clergy to excommunicate him for his support of the anti-life Reproductive Health Bill being debated upon in the House of Representatives.

Lagman is the author of the said RH Bill, and he has been observed as combative and defensive as he is interpolated by Pro-Life Representatives within Congress.

Sorsogon Bishop Arturo Bastes was quoted as saying, regarding Lagman, that “we do not have to excommunicate him… He is excommunicating himself…”

The Catholic Church’s Canon Law states that the only ground for an individual to be excommunicated is when he hurts the Pope or when he commits and/or is an accessory to the commission of abortion.

Bastes further explained that Lagman’s sponsorship of the RH Bill already shows that he wants to “separate himself from the Church.”

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