Hearst heiress: Cosmo magazine is ‘absolutely pornographic’

Victoria Hearst, daughter of former Hearst Corp. chairman Randolph A. Hearst, has teamed up with a young model’s online petition to get the “absolutely pornographic” Cosmopolitan magazine out of the hands of vulnerable young girls.

The raunchy mag, a staple of grocery check-out lanes across America, blares its kinky tastes across every cover: “Kinky Sex – 64% of you want to try this” – “Sex he craves” – “99 sex moves” – “Your orgasm! the secret to super satisfaction every time.” Ms. Hearst, who converted to Christianity in the 1990s, is the heiress of the company that publishes Cosmopolitan – and says she is answering God’s call to join forces with model Nicole Weider, who hopes to put a stop to the corruption she experienced as a youth.


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