Heroic Chinese mother saved 30 children found dumped in the trash

Although 88-year-old Lou Xiaoying may now be close to death, she will not soon be forgotten in her home city of Jinhua.  Hers is the astonishing story of someone whose meager living recycling trash did not stop her from bringing home and caring for all the abandoned infants she came across – all 30 of them.

“I realised if we had strength enough to collect garbage, how could we not recycle something as important as human lives,” she said.

The woman says her rescue effort began in 1972, when she found a little girl “lying amongst the junk on the street, abandoned.”

Her youngest child, seven-year-old Zhang Qilin, was found in a dustbin as an infant when Lou was 82 years old.  “Even though I was already getting old I could not simply ignore the baby and leave him to die in the trash. He looked so sweet and so needy. I had to take him home with me,” she said.

Today, Lou suffers from kidney failure and is lying on a hospital bed.  Her  remarkable charity to unwanted infants has put China’s Communist Party to shame and made her a local hero.


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