HONG KONG: Pollution cost is $2.7 billion a year in hospital admissions and lost productivity

HONG KONG (East Asia)

Population: 7.15 million

Over 5 million are above 24 years old

Male/Female Ratio:   0.94 male /female

Fertility Rate:  1.09 children born/woman

Life Expectancy:  82.12 years

Infant mortality:  2.9 deaths / 1000 live births

Divorce rate:  2.54 divorces / 1000 marriages

Major Religions:  Taoism and Buddhism

– The Family Planning Association of Hong Kong was 1 of the 8 founding Member Associations of International Planned Parenthood Federation – the world’s largest abortion provider.

– Almost a third of all pregnancies in Hong Kong are terminated.

– De-criminalized homosexuality in 1991; first gay pride parade in 2008

– The world’s first 3D porn movie opened in Hong Kong in 2010.

– Air pollution kills 3 people a day in Hong Kong.  Its number of air pollution-related deaths is the 8th worst in the world.  This is a higher air pollution mortality rate than China, India, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

– Pollution cost is HK$21.2 billion ($2.7 billion) a year in hospital admissions and lost productivity.










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