INDIA: Lawmakers block pro-poor bill

The caste system is one of the unjust realities in the Indian society.  It is unfortunate that, although the caste system has been illegal for more than sixty years, things have not changed much.   It continues to shape people’s lives in India.


The Hindu Caste System


A bill aimed at boosting the social status of dalits and tribal people has been blocked in the country’s parliament.

If passed into law, the Constitutional Amendment Bill would ensure India’s lowest castes would receive a guaranteed quota in government job promotions.

However, MPs from the pro-Hindu Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Samajwadi (Socialist Party) prevented the bill’s passage by opposing it in the lower house.

The move highlighted how the country is struggling to rid itself of the discriminatory caste system despite it being outlawed.

The quota issue has always been a contentious issue in Indian politics and has led to street clashes. 

Some 1.8 million government employees, mostly upper caste, in Uttar Pradesh have recently been protesting the bill with street demonstrations. After the bill was blocked yesterday, they called off the strike.





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