IRELAND: Abortion legislation will be opposed – Cardinal

The Catholic Church in Ireland is not alone in its fight to defend life.  The pro-life cause in the Philippines faces a similar challenge.  We share the same battlecry:  “Choose Life!”. 


Cardinal Sean Brady

Any effort to legalize abortion in Ireland will be “vigorously and comprehensively opposed,” the Catholic Primate of All Ireland has promised.  Cardinal Sean Brady said that there is no need for the Irish government to change abortion law in order to conform to the 2010 judgment of a European court. The court acknowledged the authority of the Irish government to ban abortion, he noted.

In light of a government plan to reconsider the country’s legislation on the issue, Cardinal Brady said, it is important that Catholics “prepare with others to defend the equal right to life of a mother and child against any effort to introduce abortion to a country which is one of the safest places in the world for mothers who are expecting a child.”

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