JAPAN: Fewer births for the 32nd year in a row

What is a Children’s Day with less children to celebrate every year?  Today, Japan may be the third largest economy in the world.  Tomorrow, without its children, Japan will have no economy to boast about.  Its years of population control and consumerism are driving its population to extinction.  


On Children’s Day, May 5, the Statistics Bureau of Japan reported that the number of children under 15 years of age fell by 150,000 from a year earlier to a record low 16.49 million as of April 1, 2013.  Because of prevailing values centered on consumerism, focus on career and Shintoism, couples delay having children and many people choose not to have any.  

The figures, which were released on May 5, Children’s Day, show that those under 15 years of age were around 16.5 million in a population of 127 million, 12.9 per cent of the total population, one of the lowest levels in the world. In the United States by comparison, the percentage is 19.6 per cent, 16.5 per cent in China and South Korea 15.6 per cent .

The drop in births and the consequent aging of the population pose considerable risks to Japan’s economic well-being. Although the third largest economy in the world with a balanced pension system, it will find it impossible to sustain that without fresh blood. For now though, the government is not committed to any action that would stimulate the birth rate.




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  • May 8, 2013 at 8:14 am

    This is true. In Japan, you’ll find mostly elder people in the streets and not much children. Even way beyond their retirement years, older people continue to work because there’s not enough young people to take over their jobs. To address this concern, the government is currently trying to promote having kids to its people by giving them incentives but they are having a hard time convincing couples. They regrettably admit that this may have been the result/impact of their birth control campaign years ago and now they are having a hard time trying to correct their mistake.

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