Japan Has An Increasing Number of Ghost Towns


While many countries in the world continue to promote anti-life views to countries with big populations like the Philippines; other countries are suffering due to the aging of their population. These aging countries accepted the (wrong) call to limit children and now they are suffering from it. Nordic, Asian and many other countries are practically bribing their citizens to propagate, while their population slowly disappears. Like Japan.

From Japan Info: “Japan is entering a population crisis. The overall population of Japan fell by 270,000 last year and so did the rate of childbirth. This means that Japan is in a unique position of heading towards a population that is 1/3 retired. More and more people from rural areas of Japan are moving to the larger cities for job opportunities. This is leaving ghost towns in the more rural areas, as the younger generation leaves and the older generations pass.

One in seven homes in Japan is uninhabited. This really surprised me when I found out as, like many people, I thought Japan has a very high population. This is true, in a way, as Japan is home to the world’s largest metropolis. However, Japan’s total population has fallen for the fourth year running. There are some main factors which many people feel is responsible for this decline. One is the number of children being born. Within Japan, the statistics show that each woman is having, on average, 1.4 children. This total is not enough to keep up with the number of people dying each year. A second factor is immigration. Many countries’ population is upped due the immigration of people and familiar from other countries. To be counted, you must live in Japan for more than three months. However, it can be very difficult to become a naturalised Japanese citizen and immigration rules are strict. Therefore, immigration does not add much in Japan. In total since the year 2000 there are around 1,000,000 fewer people in Japan.”

The Philippines has a booming population. And that is something we should be be proud of. We will be able to show progress and population success stories to the world.

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