KUWAIT: One in three women is a victim of domestic violence.

KUWAIT  (West Asia)

Population:  2.6 million  

Foreigners comprise over two-thirds of the population.  

Fertility Rate:  2.6 children/woman

Life Expectancy:  77.28 years

Infant mortality: 7.87 deaths/1,000 live births

Male/Female Ratio:  1.43 male / female

Major Religion: Islam 

 – 64% of all marriages in Kuwait are consanguineous unions  (blood-related).  “Cousin marriages” are often preferred and encouraged. 

 – Medical researcher have demonstrated increased incidence of birth defects, abortions, stillbirths and early childhood deaths – all born out of these inbred marriages.

 – 60% of all marriages in Kuwait end in divorce.  The number of divorce lawsuits filed in Kuwait far outnumbers other legal cases, with Kuwait’s courts handling 27,500 divorces in 2010 alone. 

 – One in three women is a victim of domestic violence.  The country has no laws prohibiting sexual harassment, marital rape or domestic violence.

 – Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in Kuwait, accounting for approximately 20% of all newly-diagnosed cancers.  Studies show that Kuwait has the highest mortality rate from breast cancer in the world, and that at least part of the reason for this is the lack of awareness and delay in detection of the disease.  The incidence of breast cancer in Kuwait is 48 per 100,000.

 -Kuwait is classified as one of the most polluted countries in the world.  The volume of waste produced in the country is among the highest in the world.  On the average, Kuwait produce 1.4 kilogram of waste per person, per day.  Annual waste disposal costs more than $250 million.

 – The country has the lowest renewable fresh water supply in the world.  What is worse is that its drinking water is prone to oil pollution and radioactive leaks from neighboring countries.  The country essentially has one limited natural water resource that is groundwater, while the majority of the country’s demands are met by seawater desalination. 
















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