Luxembourg legalizes abortion on demand

Another one bites the dust.  Here is country, where the majority of the population (87%) are Catholics, that has lost its fight against abortion.  Despite setbacks like this, we cannot give up our defense of life.  To fight for life is to fight for God, who is Life Himself.

The tiny principality of Luxembourg has adopted abortion on demand in a vote last week in the Chamber of Deputies.   The new law allows a pregnant woman to have an abortion merely by declaring that the pregnancy is creating a situation of “distress.”  Minor girls may abort their children without parental consent or knowledge, but the girl must be accompanied by a “trusted” adult.

Pro-life groups demonstrated outside the Chamber on Thursday as the vote was taken. 

Feminist and leftist groups are expressing their anger that certain qualifications remain in the law, among which are the requirement for two consultations, one medical and one “psycho-social,” to ensure women are “fully informed” about their legal rights, the risks and available alternatives.

Meanwhile, European birth rates continue to fall, with Luxembourg following the general pattern of European demographics of extremely low fertility and rising median age. The overall fertility rate in Luxembourg stands at 1.77 children born per woman.