Manny Pacquiao: Is It Too Late Now To Say Sorry?

We recently posted if Manny Pacquiao did the right thing with his comments about same sex “marriage.” Here is that post.

Apparently, the video posted by the news organization was not edited to show his complete comment regarding the topic (which is very unprofessional on their part). Here is the full comment of Manny Pacquiao as uploaded by an individual on Facebook:


Sana before people bashed Mr. Manny Pacquiao about his stand on “Same Sex Marriage”. Hinanap naman sana ng mga tao…

Posted by Rupert James Garcia on Thursday, February 18, 2016

“I am not condemning them , just the marriage.”

Again, there was NO REASON for him to apologize given the context of his answer. But he did take the high road and apologized for hurting the feelings of those who bullied him for standing up for his faith. It is quite interesting to see that people who ask for acceptance and tolerance are the first to attack people who do not share their views and opinions.

Family and Life Update continues to educate and advocate the cause of family and life. Here are more comments from people regarding the issue:

Ayana: Our identity as human beings is far more than just gender or ideals or status. It is beyond that. It is of divine origin. It is of God’s. And just by knowing that allows us to see ourselves and each person we encounter in a different light, in a different perspective. May we all treat one another with genuine love and mercy, not tolerating what is wrong but bringing out the goodness, the beauty and the truth that is innate in all of us.

Vanie: We are all sinners. The only moment we consciously made a decision not to sin or to strive to turn away from sin was when we have experienced God’s immense love for us. Our conversion started when we have encountered Love who is God. Truth has to be known. But more importantly, I think what we must really think about is how we can be instruments of Love to the LGBT community. How can we extend God’s love and mercy to them? It is only when they encounter His love and mercy that conversion may take place.

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