Mexico: 34% of women seeking abortion choose life when offered

More than one third of women seeking an abortion in public institutions change their minds and choose life for their unborn children in response to alternatives offered by the Mexico City government, according to recent statistics.

The city’s Secretary of Health, Armando Ahued Ortega, reports that during the five years that abortion-on-demand has been legal and subsidized by the city, it has received 125,000 requests for abortion services. However, it has only conducted 82,000. A total of 43,000 women have changed their minds and decided not to abort.   Ortega attributes the change of heart among these women to aid that is offered for health services during pregnancy, as well as post-birth care for their children and the option to give up their children for adoption.

Tens of thousands more babies in Mexico City and other parts of the country are also saved each year by the National Pro-Life Committee, which uses on-site mobile units to give ultrasounds to women entering public facilities for abortions, offering them shelter and care during and following their pregnancies.

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