Modern Day Prophets: Turo-turo

In this very first episode of Modern Day Prophets, Cocoi Javier brings us to the “turo-turo” (a Filipino way of choosing viands for meals by pointing at
them) and shows us how the realities of choosing food can reflect a deeper
truth about our faith and spirituality.

Is that reaching? Is that even possible to relate the two very different
ideas? Watch and find out. Welcome to Modern Day Prophets!

What is “Modern Day Prophets”?
When we hear the word ‘prophet’, we think of people in the Old
Testament – Jeremiah, Isaiah, Daniel, etc. But can we still have
prophets today? People who proclaim the truth of God to the people?
YES! The Truth is the same yesterday, today and forever. And whoever
speaks that Truth without fear can be a prophet for the modern day.
The next modern day prophet SHOULD be you.

Who is Cocoi Javier?
Cocoi is a missionary. He studied European Studies in De La Salle
University, and is now taking up his Masters in Religious Studies in
Don Bosco Center for Studies. He stayed in Europe for 7 years
spreading God’s love and truth. He is married, and is expecting his
third child with wife Gay (a missionary for Family and Life Quad Media
[FLiQ Media]). He is currently the international coordinator of CFC
Youth for Family and Life.

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Family and Life Update (FALU) brings you pro-life information and real
issues affecting family and life around the world, especially in Asia
and the Philippines. This is done in three ways:
(1) Newsbits on current pro-life happenings.
(2) Features and commentaries on issues of interest.
(3) In depth analysis of current issues and events on family and life.

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