No communion for those who reject Church teachings

Maltese bishop Mario Grech tells it like it is, and like it should be told to the faithful. Straight teaching. No ifs, no buts. Clear direction.

He speaks prophetically, as is his role. He does not want the Catholic faithful to go astray, both those who support divorce and those who are swayed by such support. He is a man of God, faithful to the Magisterium, dedicated to the flock, protective of the Church.

In the Philippines, what we face now is the RH bill. Same diabolical work of the evil one. Same intent, to destroy marriage, family and life. RH will inevitably lead to abortion, and also to divorce.

Why should we tolerate such pseudo-Catholics? Why should the wolves in sheep’s clothing be let into the sheepfold? Why should the enemies of Christ partake of His body and blood?

Let us hear our own Catholic bishops speak more strongly against the RH bill, and not allow these dissidents to in effect mock the Eucharist.

No communion for those who reject Church teachings warns Malta bishop
Matthew Cullinan Hoffman        Fri May 20 20:04 EST        Faith
VALLETTA, Malta, May 20, 2011 ( – Maltese bishop Mario Grech is warning Catholics of “wolves in sheep’s clothing” who wish to introduce divorce to the island nation, and noting that those who reject the teachings of Christ cannot receive holy communion in the Catholic Church.

“Beware of the wolf in sheep’s clothing. And the wolf is now saying he is Catholic. This is a falsity, this is deceit,” Grech told the faithful in a sermon last Sunday.

“I am ready to dialogue with everyone but do not be false, do not lie. You cannot not be loyal to Christ and say you are a Christian or a Catholic. If you are not in communion with Christ’s teachings, you are not in communion with the Church and you cannot receive communion… we cannot pretend to be in communion with the Eucharist, so that everybody can understand me.”

Grech also warned that “to be politically correct and not tell things as they are will lead us to be sorry. There are the brigands among us who are utilizing every means possible to lead the flock astray. They are going after marriage and then other things will follow.”

However, the prelate also recognized that the failure of marriage was partially the fault of Catholics themselves, noting that “we should be more responsible in the way we administer the sacrament of marriage.”

The bishop, who presides over the diocese of Gozo, made his comments as Malta prepares for a nationwide referendum on the legalization of divorce. It is only one of two countries in the world, along with the Philippines, which continues to prohibit divorce. Malta, a nation of approximately 412,000 people, is 95% Catholic.

The referendum, which is scheduled to be held on May 28. Although the “yes” vote was winning in polls, its supporters have fallen in numbers in recent days and the vote is now too close to call.

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