No Sanctifying Grace in Same Sex Partnerships

The very liberal House of Representatives speaker and leaders are now pushing the legalization of same sex partnerships.

This is in light of the strong and solid Family Code of the Philippines, and our faith and family based Constitution. Liberal elements are looking to Westernize the Philippines in order to let in abortion, contraception and other programs and ways of life that have actually decimated their populations and ushered in a demographic winter.

In their media releases, they offer to focus on civil rights and not the rights of marriage, which will still affect the sanctity and focus of marriage – which is to unite and procreate. Even Congressman G. Roman agreed about the realities of marriage as compared to solely civil partnerships, he said:

“Marriage has other effects. Marriage for example, has sanctifying grace. Marriage for example, I don’t know what your religious belief system gives marriage but those effects are not present here”  – CNN Article.

Congressman Roman (whom we still question the legality of him in Congress sitting as a woman) is unfortunately a Catholic pushing for these liberalistic ideals in our country. Like a Nancy Pelosi.

Let us continue to pray, speak up and act against these pushes to make our country lose focus on what is truly important – Faith, Family and Life.

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