Of Condoms and Promiscuity

The current Department of Health Secretary, Pau Ubial, is going to distribute condoms to the public schools as her effort to curb the spread of HIV.

She has said: “This is one thing that the school system is not prepared for. And also the Philippine culture and society, to talk about sexuality and sex and the reproductive health in general because it is considered taboo in the country, especially for children. So we really have to prepare the entire system and the entire community for this particular program,” Ubial said. (Inquirer)

Her Twitter tirade started with this: “The idea is not to distribute it left and right to give an impression that it’s okay to have premarital sex as long as you use condom!”

But Secretary Ubial, that is exactly what your media campaign is doing. Trying to brainwash the public into accepting your condom distribution. We all have seen that distributing condoms does not stop the spread of HIV. In fact, it has increased promiscuity, teen pregnancy and HIV in different countries around the world. (Read: National Review)

What happens when you give teenagers condoms? They use them. And if they run out of free condoms, then they will continue to have sex even without condoms. Because you have fueled an addiction. A selfish need to satisfy oneself. Instead of teaching the value of relationships. The value of chastity. The value of loyalty.

Those are innately Filipino values that you are circumventing by taking on the ideologies and funding from Western countries. We have seen that it doesn’t work in their countries. Their rates of abortion, depression, suicide and divorce are steadily increasing because of this contraceptive mentality.

Yes, there is an increase of promiscuity in the Philippines. Mostly because parents are busier than ever, and have less and less time to teach their children. Adding to this is how we are influenced by Western media showing that all of that is ok and normal. Yes, Secretary Ubial, we do have a problem. But it is not one that condoms can fix. We need moral recovery. A return to the roots of being Filipino. And we need good leaders to do that.

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