Outrage in Brazil as health ministry prepares to instruct women on how to perform illegal abortions

 When Brazil’s lead presidential candidate Dilma   Rousseff was confronted with her pro-abortion past during the 2010 elections, she protested and claimed that she was opposed to the killing of the unborn.  She went on to win the presidency by a twelve percent margin.

Pro-lifers are now crying foul as reports have begun to appear in the Brazilian media of plans on the part of the Rousseff administration to instruct women on how to perform chemical abortions, in the name of “reducing the damage caused by clandestine abortions.”

Women who wish to perform a “clandestine” abortion would inform the health ministry of their plans, and receive training on how to perform the abortions, and would even be given the drugs to do so, although they are currently illegal. They will then be given free access to post-abortion medical care at state expense, according to the reports.

The South One division of the National Conference of Brazilian Bishops has issued a statement denouncing Rousseff’s about-face and asking her to fire her offending ministers.

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