Over 100 pro-life organizations to march in Spain

While pro-life groups in the Philippines are working hard to prevent the passage of the Reproductive Health Bill, the pro-life community in Spain are trying to influence the reversal of existing anti-life laws.   It will take a much greater effort to repeal a law than to pass a bill into law.  Either way, nothing is impossible… with God.   Let us pray for the pro-life cause in Spain. 


More than 100 organizations from Spain and around the world are set to participate in the International March for Life that will take place in the country next month.  In Madrid and 60 other Spanish cities, the groups will convene on Oct. 7 to urge the government of Spain to repeal the country’s law allowing abortion and to pass a “zero abortions” law.

Organizers have titled the march, “For the Right to Life, Zero Abortions,” which will coincide with the International Day Against the Death Penalty. It will begin at 12 noon in cities across Spain and at Spanish embassies and consulates around the world.

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