PAKISTAN: The Dishonorable Tradition of “Honor Killings”

PAKISTAN (South Asia)                                 

Population: 190 million 

More than 60% of the population falls below the age of 25 years.

Fertility Rate:  6.6 children/woman (1970s) vs. 3.4 children/woman (2010)

Life Expectancy:  53 years (1970s) vs. 65 years (2010)

Infant mortality:  61.27 / 1000 live births

Male/Female Ratio:  1.06 male  / female

Major Religions:  Islam (95% of the population)

 – Violence against women makes up 95 per cent of the cases of violence reported in Pakistan. 

– Rape and especially gang rape is one of the worst forms of violence happening in the country.  It is reported that a rape occurs in Pakistan every two hours and a gang rape every eight hours. 

 – More than 1,000 women and girls fall victim to honor killings every year, mostly at the hands of their brothers and husbands.  Honor killing is rooted in ancient tribal customs whereby the ‘honor’ of a family or a whole village is represented by the morality, chastity, and proper behavior of its women.

– There is a “safe abortion” hotline that gives information about how women can use the medication misoprostol to have a safe abortion, or to prevent dangerous hemorrhaging after giving birth.

– Every year, about $30 billion worth of drugs are smuggled from Afghanistan, via Pakistan, to other parts of the world.  Of this amount, $1.5 billion stay in Pakistan.

– There are 10 million drug users in Pakistan.  Approximately, 0.6 million people become drug users every year.   One of every ten students at college or university level is drug addict. 



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