Pay Day Financial Bliss

payroll_paydayIt is payday once again.  Have you ever wondered where your money goes?  We would normally find our bank account at its lowest levels if we don’t know how to plan our finances. We sometimes end up paying the debt of the previous month.

Let me share with you some of the financial tips I have learned, acquired and applied to our family budget.  I am blessed to experience financial bliss at this time in our married life.  We now live on one income, with the other income going to savings and investments.

1.  Do not replace something that isn’t broken

Just because a new model is available does not mean you have to have it.  If it still serves its purpose, even if you have extra money, think more than once before you replace it.

2.  Continue maintaining the same lifestyle even after you have received a raise.

If you are blessed to earn more than what you used to, try to maintain the lifestyle you had when you still did not have the raise.  Receiving a salary increase doesn’t mean you can suddenly splurge.

3.   Never loan (with interest) something that depreciates.  This holds true with using your credit card.  Wise use of credit will stretch your hard earned money. Also, keep on paying your loans (this time to yourself) even after the amortization schedule have lapsed.

4.  Do not spend on money that is yet to be earned.

You may be expecting a bonus by year-end for a project that is most likely to push through that will give you a chance to buy something that you have really been eyeing.  Do not buy it yet, not until the money is in your hands. That is the secret to living within your means.

 5.   Share your blessings

The best way to sustain financial bliss is when you share your blessings with others.   If you give with an open heart, you will also receive generously.  Whether it is to share with your aging parents, the education of someone outside your family, give generously.  And of course, do not be tight on your tithes.

I have seen it happen in my own life, the more I try to keep my money, the lesser it becomes;  but when I opened my pocket to share it with others, it never runs dry.

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Contributed by:  Maricel Badilla


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