Philippine Bishop hits UN proposal to legalize prostitution


Manila Auxiliary Bishop Broderick Pabillo has added his voice to the growing criticisms over a United Nations report recommending that sex-related jobs be legalized in the country.

“Give women real rights and decent jobs and not prostitution,” said Pabillo, chairman of the National Secretariat for Social Action – Justice and Peace.

The bishop also warned that if sex trade becomes legal, it would open a gate to predators to abuse more women.

The UN report, titled “Sex Work and the Law in Asia and the Pacific, stated that  that the Philippines and other Asian countries should legalize prostitution to help curb the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, especially HIV.

However, the prelate rejected the idea and said that, “In fact, HIV is still prevalent even in countries where prostitution is legal.” 

Instead of legalizing sex trade, he urged the government to focus on behavioral change, adding that HIV transmission can remain high if the problem of risky sexual behavior is not tackled. 


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