Philippines: 80% of public schools have building defects

When it rains, it really pours. That is, as far as the public schools are concerned.

Add to the country’s severe lack of classrooms the woes of structural defects found in 80 percent of public school buildings inspected by the Department of Education (DepEd) and Department of Public Works and Highways last year.  The random inspection found that eight of 10 of some 1,300 public schools suffer from structural defects that include cracks on walls, roofs and floors due to the building’s age.

On its own initiative, the DepEd and the DPWH inspected 1,334 of the total 45,971 public school buildings in the country.  Government engineers conducted a similar inspection of 2,292 school buildings and found structural defects in about 60 percent, or 1,412 of them.

To date, the DepEd official said, about a third or 149,527 of the total 462,320 classrooms in all public schools in the country require “major repairs.” Almost 20 percent or 95,044 classrooms require “minor repairs,” he added.

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