Philippines now only nation in the world without divorce

Now we come to the crunch. The Philippines is the ONLY nation that has not legalized divorce. Dear Philippines, you are God’s light to the world. Now the attacks of the enemy will intensify even more. Let all true Catholics stand and be counted in renewing the family and defending life. God bless the Philippines.


PHL now only nation in the world without divorce; Malta gives in
05/29/2011 | 09:46 PM

VALLETTA – Staunchly Catholic Malta approved the introduction of divorce, backing the move by a small majority in a referendum.

“The referendum outcome is not the one I wished for, but the will of the majority will be respected and parliament will enact legislation for the introduction of divorce,” Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi said in a video statement on Sunday.

The vote was seen as a test of the influence of the Roman Catholic Church in a country where 72 percent of people say they go to Mass on Sundays and nearly all marriages are held at the altar.

The Mediterranean island of 400,000 people was one of only two countries not to allow divorce – the other being the Philippines. The last country to legalise divorce was Chile way back in 2004.

Early results from Saturday’s referendum showed a majority backing divorce of between 52 percent and 54 percent.

The Divorce Movement declared victory and the anti-divorce movement conceded.

Opposition leader Joseph Muscat had said changing the law was a vote for modernity and a chance for those with broken marriages to start afresh.

Gonzi had said divorce offered “no solutions” and called for better preparation before weddings so that the “value of an indissoluble marriage is bequeathed to the young.”

Divorce legislation was proposed in July last year by Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando, a member of Gonzi’s own parliamentary group.

It provides for people to become eligible for divorce after four years of separation.— Reuters/MRT, GMA News

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