PHILIPPINES: One Million Red Ribbons for Life Launched

We call on ALL Catholic Faithful and Filipinos for LIFE to join the RED RIBBON CAMPAIGN.  We need to post RED RIBBONS all over the country; and with each ribbon comes a special prayer for peace between us and God, to stop the effects of the RH BILL on life and the family.  Let RED be the message for LIFE.

Pro-life advocates in the Philippines are tying red ribbons all across the country in a show of opposition to the anti-life Reproductive Health (RH) Bill recently passed by Congress, and signed into law on December 21.

“The RH bill may have passed both houses but the fight for truth and life continues,” said a post on the Pro-Life Philippines Foundation’s website. “We invite each and every pro-lifer to participate in Pro Life’s 1 Million Red Ribbon Campaign. This calls for tying red ribbons every where we can in order to promote awareness on this fight against the RH bill as well as to rally our troops and to remind our our valiant soldiers that our war against the anti-life forces is not yet over – not by a long shot!”

Organizers of the campaign are also suggesting people share a red ribbon graphic on Facebook, and make it their profile picture.  Pictures are already popping up on Facebook showing red ribbons tied on trees, fences and other public areas around the Philippines.

The Catholic Church in the Philippines remains steadfast against the RH Law and continues to rally the Filipino people to oppose its implementation.


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