Pope breaks monks’ disco habit

We reported that the Cistercian monks living in an abbey behind Santa Croce in Gerusalemme in Rome were suppressed following an apostolic visitation. Now we know why.

The abbey has been shut down because it, among other things, had organized dances by a former nightclub dancer nun and had, in 2008, hosted Madonna – who went to Santa Croce one hour after provocatively dedicating her hit song Like a Virgin to Pope Benedict XVI.

Aside from the former nightclub dancer nun, it also had dances in which nuns pranced around the altar. The former abbot was originally a flamboyant Milan fashion designer, and was removed from the abbey two years ago.
The Cistercian monks will now have to relocate to other abbeys.

Santa Croce is home to one nail used in the Crucifixion as well as other relics.

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