Preserve the Catholic Identity of Church Schools – Pope Benedict XVI


During  a recent address to a group of U.S. Bishops, Pope Benedict XVI spoke at length about the need to preserve the Catholic identity of Church schools.  He urged them to do whatever is possible to ensure that a sound Catholic education “remains within the reach of all families, whatever their financial status.”  At the same time, the Pope said, it is vital that Catholic institutions provide a solid founding in the faith. Tacitly acknowledging that many American parochial schools have strayed from that mission, he observed that “great progress that has been made in recent years in improving catechesis, reviewing texts and bringing them into conformity with the Catechism of the Catholic Church.” Still

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“The virus of dissent has overflowed from US Catholic schools to Catholic schools in the Philippines, such as DLSU and Ateneo. There are an assortment of professors and clerics who are pro-contraceptives, pro-RH, and there are a number of atheists, radical feminists and pro-gays among them. They are forming the minds and hearts of our young Catholics. The situation is critical and our bishops should crack down on dissent. ” – Frank Padilla



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