USA: Pro-Life Film “Life Happens” Captures Inspiring Abortion Stories

“Life Happens” is a must-watch and an inspiring pro-life film.  Watch the full documentary for only $2.99.  

A new heartfelt full-length documentary called “Life Happens” captures the inspiring stories of people who almost weren’t.   It is a documentary focused on people who were at risk for abortion. It  features commentary from various notable pro-life advocates.

The production comes courtesy of ACLJ Film and Brightbulb Entertainment and it can be viewed for $2.99 at the attached link.  Trailer is also available for viewing at this link:

The film is already generating positive reviews, including the following from the group Secular Pro-Life:

“Life Happens opens with a short, accessible, and useful history of the abortion conflict in the United States. The film’s coverage of the question of when human life begins is also excellent, with numerous expert interviews. But the heart of the film consists of personal stories.”


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