Pro-Life Groups Tell UN Treaty Bodies to Stop Pushing Abortion

images (5)Pro-life organizations spoke at a special forum at UN headquarters last week to ask the UN General Assembly to reform treaty bodies which deviate from their mandates by pushing abortion, homosexuality and controversial sex education programs.  

During the forum for civil society held last Tuesday, the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute (C-FAM) warned that when treaty bodies call for abortion rights, homosexual rights, and even the legalization of prostitution they “compromise their own institutional integrity and undermine the human rights project,” adding that the independence of treaty bodies “is not a license to re-write treaties.”

“The problem we are facing with the work of treaty bodies goes beyond resources and money,” the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) told the forum. “The real problem lies in the treaty bodies assuming powers which do not belong to them.”

Several international pro-life organizations arranged for representatives to speak at the forum, including Mujer Para la Mujer A.C., Red Unimoss, Vifac with Personhood USA, and Global Helping Advance Women And Children.

The UN is in the midst of a full review of the treaty bodies to identify ways to reform a system riddled with backlog, inefficiencies and abuse of authority.  The treaty bodies were set up to monitor countries’ implementation of nine UN treaties. 


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