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We recently concluded a three day ProLife Missionary Training with Human Life International. Fr. Shenan Boquet, Dr. Brian Clowes and Dr. Ligaya Acosta came to Manila to train 100 leaders on a variety of ProLife topics and strategies. And being ProLife in our everyday life is one thing we must all do, all the time. And that applies to our social media engagement as well.

Let’s be realistic though. Facebook has a billion (or more) users, and it would not be beneficial to drop out of it at the moment. Same with other social media apps and messaging apps. We need to be where the fight is, and make our presence felt. But we can use alternative apps and services for other engagements, instead of heavily relying on the ones that support AntiLife projects and programs.

We are migrating our chat groups from Messenger and WhatsApp to Viber, for example. We use Facebook for posts and publicity, but we do not need to be using it for our messages and planning. Here are some points to consider with the Social Media and Messaging corporations and founders:

  1. Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger: Facebook has 2 Billion people on it’s site each month. WhatsApp and Messenger each has 1.3 Billion. Instagram has 800 Million. They are a huge influence on everyone using social media. Facebook and their Founder, Chairman and CEO Mark Zuckerberg have been staunch advocates and campaigners for LGBT. They use the popularity and “can’t live with out it” placing of Facebook and their acquisitions to promote LGBT and ingrain it into our lives. We need to wean ourselves from these sites (again, we need to use Facebook and Instagram because of their wide range and reach, but we can wean ourselves from WhatsApp and Messenger, and even from constant Facebook and Instagram use)!
  2. Twitter, Vine (defunct), Periscope: Twitter’s social engagement looks more equal in providing funding and opportunity to different sides of the political spectrum. They have these political and civic donations.
  3. Viber: Owned by Rakuten which is based in Tokyo. They have special funds for the victims of the floods and other calamities that happened in Japan, and even other special needs in different countries. They are looking to compete with Amazon as well.
  4. LinkedIn: They were bought by Microsoft, and Bill and Melinda Gates are leading the way in promoting AntiLife policies around the world through their foundation. It is quite sad, as they are Catholic as well.
  5. Telegram: This was founded by the same person who founded Russia’s VK. They are strong on security, just like WhatsApp. They are just starting up with their App popularity.
  6. Snapchat and Pinterest: Both Snapchat and Pinterest have fairly young founders (billionaires) and though somewhat liberal in content, they are not as liberal as Facebook and Microsoft and their founders in pushing that agenda.

It is a sad reality that all of these corporations and personalities are liberal. But some are more active in financing and promoting the liberal agenda than others. We need to choose the ones that are less engaged, and somehow use their platforms for good. Instead of continuously enriching the others to continue their promotion of antilife policies around the world.

So, what should we use?

For messaging, wean yourselves off of Messenger and use Viber.

If you want more secure messaging, wean yourselves off of WhatsApp and use Telegram.

Instead of Instagram, get on Pinterest.

And instead of IG stories, go on the original, Snapchat.

Improve and update your websites, instead of relying solely on Facebook. Websites nowadays have calendars, galleries, event pages. And people do not need to even have Facebook accounts to access them. Websites can be made on WordPress, Medium, Tumblr and more.

For your personal social media use, limit Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, and dust off that old Twitter account! let’s get tweeting!

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